All Aboard Streetcar 153!

Grades Preschool to 2
75 minutes
Museum Field Trip

Availability: Wednesday–Friday, year-round
Teacher’s Package:  Pre and post visit activities.

Through imagination, story, artifacts, belongings, song, and more, students explore our historic streetcar and other forms of transportation used on the North Shore. This playful program encourages students to discover importance of transportation

Your students will:

  • Explore an historic streetcar before boarding for an imaginative ride.
  • Hear a story about change from the perspective of a Streetcar.
  • Play games to learn different types of transportation used on the North Shore.
  • Analyse photos and explore related artifacts and belongings connected to transportation.

Big Ideas:

  • Socials Studies:Diverse communities and individuals with commonalities (Kindergarten). How we shape and are shaped by our local environment (Grade 1).
  • Physical & Health Education: Learning about ourselves and others helps us develop a positive attitude and caring behaviors which helps us build healthy relationships (Kindergarten & Grade 1).
  • Core Competencies: Communicating, critical and reflective thinking, collaborating, personal awareness and responsibility.