Artists in the Archives

Handsworth Secondary School Art Mashup 2021

Introduction by:

Kory Bogen, Visual Arts Teacher, Handsworth Secondary

Senior Art Studio students at Handsworth Secondary were tasked with contemporizing the past, using historical images of North Vancouver, provided by the Archives of North Vancouver.

Each artist selected an image and developed a conceptual lens for the piece – from pop culture to the COVID-19 pandemic, and everything in between. The goal was to create a piece that embodied a historical and contemporary mashup.

It is important to create partnerships in the community and to give students opportunities to create work that relates to our community and the history of our home – and an opportunity for the public to engage with the work.

These recontextualized pieces used collage, paint, drawing, markers, and other materials and processes to add a sense of juxtaposition between now and then, and history and the present.

Lesson Plan

Introduction by:

Jessica Bushey, Archivist, MONOVA: Archives of North Vancouver

Inviting artists into the Archives of North Vancouver is an opportunity to reimagine and represent the past.

We are excited to partner with Handsworth students and support these artists in questioning facts, manipulating subjects and exploring meaning.

The Senior Art Studio students’ mashups are transformative works of creativity that introduce new cultural perspectives.