Juan Tanús at a Media Preview event at MONOVA: Museum of North Vancouver, 29 November 2021. Photo: Alison Boulier
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Launching the Jack Cash Exhibition

In March 2019 the Archives started preparing for an exhibition on prominent North Vancouver photographer, Jack Cash. He was born in 1918 to Gwen Cash, the first woman general reporter in Canada, and had big shoes to fill. Instead of words, Jack used images to tell stories. The archival photographs, logbooks, cameras, and ephemera included in the Jack Cash exhibition are part of a larger donation to the Archives by Cash's son, Derek Cash. The Archives has worked closely with Derek Cash to prepare the exhibit at the Community History Centre in Lynn Valley. In March 2020, the temporary closure of the Archives presented an opportunity to digitize parts of the exhibition and launch it online! We are excited to expand the reach of this exhibition and to have it included as part of the Capture Festival online events.