The North Vancouver Museum and Archives (NVMA) gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada. Appreciation is extended also to the mountaineering community for its kind support and interest. The support and contributions of the following individuals and organizations is acknowledged with appreciation.

Individual Contributors

Robert Aubertin, Lisa Baile, Mick Bailey, Jordy Brisbin, Justin Brown, Gordon Dunham, Don Funk, Klaus Haring, Lid Hawkins, Eric Jamieson, Joan Jamieson, Hugh Kellas, Gerry Kollmuss, Paul Kubik, Daniel Lockhart, Kevin Neary, Alan Nurmeste, Peter Paré, Silas Patterson, Alice Purdey, Rudy Reimer, Howard Rode, Mary Rode, Ivan Sayers, John Scurlock, Arnold Shives, Richard So, Dave Steers, Bob Tapp, Jim Thomson, Robin Tivy, Fred Touche, Craig Williams.


Doreen Armitage, Michael Feller, Lid Hawkins, Eric Jamieson, Martin and Esther Kafer, Caroline Milburn-Brown, Alice Purdey, Rudy Reimer, Howard Rode, Janet Turner, Fred Williams.


Lisa Baile, Alex Douglas, Dominique Godfrey, Ruth Heggtveit, Martin and Esther Kafer, Kamil Kisiel, Sharon J. Proctor, Alice Purdey, Rudy Reimer, Paddy Sherman, Arnold Shives, Robin Tivy.


Alpine Club of Canada: BC Archives, Royal BC Museum; - Canadian Mountain Encyclopaedia; British Columbia Mountaineering Club; Center for Digital Storytelling; City of Vancouver Archives; Hollyburn Heritage Society; Leave No Trace Canada; McLennan Web Design; McMichael Canadian Art Collection; Mount Seymour History Project; Mountain Equipment Co-op; Museum of Vancouver; North Shore Hikers; North Shore Rescue; Traditions Consulting Services Inc.; University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research; Vancouver Art Gallery; Vancouver Public Library Special Collections; Varley Art Gallery; Varsity Outdoor Club; Virtual Museum of Canada.

Artwork Details

Frederick Horsman Varley, Bridge Over Lynn Canyon, 1932-1935, watercolour, gouache and chalk on paper, 21,8 cm x 26,3 cm, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery Acquisition Fund. ©Varley Art Gallery, Town of Markham.

Emily Carr , The Mountain, 1933, oil on canvas, 111.4 x 68 cm, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, gift of Dr. and Mrs. Max Stern, Dominion Gallery, Montreal, #1978.16.

Arnold Shives, Howson Peak, September 1966, oil on canvas, 50.27 x 50.03 cm, courtesy of Arnold Shives.

Arnold Shives, Skypilot Mountain, 2002, acrylic and encaustic (wax), 167.64 x 198.12 cm, courtesy of Arnold Shives.

Arnold Shives, Spectre of the Brocken, 1991, aquatint etching, 22.21 x 14.7 cm, courtesy of Arnold Shives.

Arnold Shives, Mount Orpheus, 2001, silkscreen and woodcut, 20.22 x 15 cm, courtesy of Arnold Shives.

Yousuf Karsh, Cover Image from National Geographic Volume 203, No 5, May 2003, (video Avalance!) provided courtesy of the Karsh Estate. Sir Edmund Hillary © Yousuf Karsh.

North Vancouver Museum and Archives Staff

Cecil Halsey, Preparator; Daien Ide, Reference Historian; Nancy Kirkpatrick, Director; Jan Manaton, Administrative Services Manager; Shirley Sutherland, Assistant Director; Janet Turner, Archivist.

Project Development Team

John Aarts, Translation Coordinator; Suzanne Ahearne, Digital Storytelling Assistant; Marie-Ange Boscher, French Translator; Kathryn Bridge, Research Advisor; Daien Ide, Project Assistant; Rob Kershaw, Digital Story Producer; Sarah McLennan, Web Developer and Designer; Kevin Neary, Researcher and Writer; Timothy Savage, Production Advisor; Ilona Scharer, Graphic Designer; Shirley Sutherland, Project Coordinator.

Key Contributors

B.C. Mountaineering Club (BCMC)
The support, assistance and enthusiasm of the B.C. Mountaineering Club members in creating this web site is greatly appreciated.

Center for Digital Storytelling
The personal stories and film vignettes featured in the Voices and Passion sections of Climbing to the Clouds were produced during workshops presented by the Center for Digital Storytelling of Berkeley, California. Participants were introduced to the craft of personal storytelling. The mountaineers used a variety of media and first person narrative to share and record stories from their lives.

McLennan Design
McLennan Design enjoyed collaborating with the staff of the North Vancouver Museum to envision this project. McLennan Design designed and built the website with input and assistance from museum staff and the project development team. 

Traditions Consulting Services Inc. (
The structure, research and content for the images and information in this website were developed and produced by Traditions Consulting Services, Inc. under direction from staff of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives.  Information sources included publications and archives, but the best and most vivid particulars resulted from conversations with many kind and experienced mountaineers, past and present.

North Vancouver Museum and Archives (NVMA)
In 2007, the North Vancouver Museum and Archives was invited, by the British Columbia Mountaineering Club, to present an exhibition celebrating one hundred years of mountaineering in southwestern BC. It is from the interest and energy generated by that project, that the Climbing to the Clouds web tour developed.
Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia has graciously provided contact information for photographs posted on its website.