Climbing to the Clouds: A People’s History of BC Mountaineering

Grades 4 to 9


Listen to the voices of BC mountaineers, analyze photographs of their expeditions and tools of the trade, and discover their role in wilderness conservation. This education kit investigates the relationship that the Indigenous people have had with local mountains, the scientific and technical advances made by mountaineers, the impact of Mountaineers on wilderness conservation, and how mountain experiences have influenced our cultural heritage. It is based upon the virtual exhibit of the same name (available in French and English).

Your students will:

  • Learn how people have interacted with the North Shore mountains over time.
  • Explore primary source evidence of mountaineering history in BC.
  • View primary source evidence and develop photo analysis skills.

Big Ideas:

  • Socials Studies: The impact of the pursuit of Natural resources and how they continue to shape regional identity (Grades 4 & 5). Geographic conditions shaped the emergence of civilizations and continue to influence the nature of political, social, and economic change. (Grade 7 & 9).
  • Physical and Health Education: Knowing what we enjoy doing and knowing about our opportunities to participate in those activities helps us develop an active lifestyle (Grades 4-5).
  • Core Competencies: Social Awareness & Responsibility (All Grades).