In the 1940s and 50s, Jack Cash shot over 1500 photographs for H.R. MacMillan Export and MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. These photographs were used for publication in company newsletters and promotional purposes. Cash’s images provide visual evidence of the company’s logging and lumbering operations in British Columbia. From aerial views to interiors of men and women at work in the production of plywood – Cash drew upon his photo-reportage training and sought moments of action and unusual angles while maintaining the desired effects of naturalism and objectivity.

Throughout the 1960s Cash took photographs for Crown Zellerbach, a pulp and paper company formed in 1954, that acquired sawmills in the Okanagan. Travelling throughout British Columbia to document logging activities, Cash relied upon his car as both transportation, accommodation and shooting studio. He even had a radio-phone in the car, so that he could be reached anywhere at any time.

[Jack] “pioneered new techniques in using a vehicle as a mobile tripod”. Murray Dykeman talking about Jack Cash in his nomination letter for the Order of Canada.


Being self-employed brought its difficulties. Even though Cash was recognized as a talented photographer, he had to continuously sell himself and his work. His son Derek Cash, recalls the perseverance required to approach companies and magazines, risking potential rejection over and over again. The P.G.E. highway photograph was shot by Cash for Marwell Construction, a company he worked for during their construction of the Granville Street Bridge, Hycroft Towers, and Empire Stadium. Unfortunately, Marwell turned down the photograph above, criticizing the heavy concentration of black in the print. As a result, the image remains as a reminder of the challenges faced by Cash during his career as a photographer.


Jack Cash and camera/tripod mounted on top of his studio car, 1955. NVMA Fonds 164

Steam shovel on P.G.E. right-of-way construction at Howe Sound, ca. 1955. NVMA Fonds 164

Aerial of Crown Zellerbach pulp and paper mill, ca. 1956. NVMA Fonds 164

Construction vehicle, ca. 1950s. NVMA Fonds 164

Night shot at Fraser Mills, 1956. NVMA Fonds 164

Massey combine harvesting wheat, ca. 1950s. NVMA Fonds 164

Construction at Rogers Sugar factory, 1956. NVMA Fonds 164