Port History through Cartoons and Games

Grades 2 and 5

These entertaining videos and activities, are a great way to engage students with the history of Burrard Inlet, including early industry, settlement, and shipping. Activities will capture your students’ imagination and are great launch pads for further discussions about primary and secondary sources and learning from photographs.

Your students will:

  • Learn about Moodyville, our early stevedores, and port operations past and present.
  • Take a short and entertaining quiz to help them remember the video content.
  • Play a puzzle game to reveal real historic photographs the Archives.

Big Ideas:

Social Studies:

Diverse regions and communities (Grades 2 & 3). The pursuit of valuable natural resources has played a key role in changing the land, people, and communities of Canada (Grade 4). Natural resources continue to shape the economy and identity of different regions of Canada (Grade 5).