George Rose


George Rose joined the British Columbia Mountaineering Club in 1936. His energy and enthusiasm were a driving force behind the construction of the Club’s early cabins on Grouse and Seymour. A noted climber, Rose was also an accomplished photographer, musician and an enthusiastic square dancer. He was known for his sense of humour, his friendliness, his interest in all things, and his ready smile.

Photographic Style

This friendliness is evident in all of Rose’s photographs. His colour slides are simply saturated with both colour and warmth. In his depictions, mountains are inviting and friendly places, full of clear streams, sunny skies, inquisitive chipmunks and campfire gatherings. More than any other Club photographer, Rose’s images invite you into their landscapes. Consider them long enough, and the feeling that you could simply step through their frames and into their surroundings is inescapable.