Time Travel

Grades: 4 – 6
90 minutes
Archives Field Trip

Availability: Thursday–Friday, year round

This program introduces grades 4 to 6 students to individuals and landmarks that have played a significant role in North Vancouver’s development. Students learn what an archives is, tour our reference room and Archives storage, and investigate a variety primary sources to better understand how immigration and natural resources have shaped North Vancouver’s identity and economy.

Your students will:

  • Research the significance of local individuals and landmarks to North Vancouver.
  • Understand the importance of documents and artifacts as evidence and learn how to work with them, asking questions, recording observations and making inferences.
  • Realize the importance of archives to a community, as research and preservation service.

Big Ideas: Social Studies

  • The pursuit of valuable natural resources has played a key role in changing the land, people and communities of Canada (Grade 4)
  • Immigration and multiculturalism continue to shape Canadian society and identity (Grade 5)
  • Canada’s policies and treatment of minority peoples have negative and positive legacies (Grade 5)
  • Core Competencies:
    • Ask questions, gather, interpret and analyze ideas; and communicate findings and decisions (Grade 4, 5, 6)
    • Construct arguments defending the significance of individuals, groups, places, events and developments (significance) (Grade 4, 5, 6)
    • Ask questions, corroborate inferences and draw conclusions about the content and origins of different sources (evidence) (Grade 4, 5, 6)