MONOVA offers extraordinary opportunities to volunteer with this community organization. Share your passion for history and volunteer with other like-minded museum enthusiasts.

Events Assistant

The Events Assistant will lead visitors in an activity or interact with visitors as they engage with our booths, displays or in special events.

Volunteers will help the museum to engage with the community and to promote the museum’s role in connecting people to North Vancouver’s history.

School Program Facilitator

School Program Facilitators share their enthusiasm and communication skills to inspire other students to explore and learn about North Vancouver’s past.

Facilitators directly impact the organization’s mission and mandate of connecting students with their community’s history.

Gallery Ambassador

Gallery Ambassador volunteers provide a warm and friendly welcome to visitors and play a valuable role in telling the story of North Vancouver’s past.

Gallery Ambassadors will be stationed throughout the museum to activate select exhibits and engage the public.

Duties might include interacting with children and families at a craft station, engaging visitors at an artifact table or interacting with visitors on an historic streetcar.

Become a MONOVA Volunteer

Interested in this work? Please let us know by completing the Volunteer Enquiry Form. Once received the Volunteer Coordinator, Andrew Hildred will contact you to discuss the opportunities.

Volunteer Coordinator – Andrew Hildred
Phone: 604. 990. 3700 ext. 8019

New Voices Volunteer Program

Are you new to North Vancouver or new to Canada?

Through MONOVA’s New Voices Program, newcomers will be able to volunteer at the Museum and work together to develop a community exhibit or event.

Starting September 2022, the group will meet weekly at MONOVA: Museum of North Vancouver to learn more about North Vancouver’s community and Museum collection. The culmination of the program will be a community exhibit or event, developed by the group, in early 2023.

This program is open to non-permanent residents, new immigrants, international students with a student visa who wish to gain more experience in a Canadian setting.

This program will be delivered in English, and everyone is welcome to attend.

For more information about the New Voices Program and to fill out the volunteer application form (located above). For more information, please contact Andrew Hildred, Volunteer Coordinator.

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