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Wilderness on the Doorstep: Vancouver’s Mountain Playground

Mountain Bikers

Recreational use of Vancouver’s North Shore slopes continues to provoke discussion and concern about the sustainability of human activity in the wilderness. The recently developed sport of mountain biking, in particular, has caused much debate in local media and municipal administrations. Fat mountain-bike tires tend to churn up trails and hasten erosion, and hikers and bikers don’t co-exist easily on trails. The North Shore, however, has become an international destination for top-level mountain bikers. It’s such ideal year-round terrain that Grouse Mountain hosted the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Mountain Bike World Cup, the biggest event in the sport, from 2001 to 2003. Illegal trails and obstacle courses built in the forest by some extreme mountain bikers have added to the problem. Despite many responsible bikers and organizations devoted to responsible use, the impact of this new sport will need to be carefully monitored.

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This promotional photo shows mountain bikers on Grouse Mountain, with Mount Baker in Washington state visible in the distance.

The photo was shot near the peak of Blueberry Bowl, a ski area that overlooks the Coast Mountains.

This picture was taken in 2001, commissioned by Grouse Mountain Resorts to update its portfolio of stock photos for marketing and tourism.

The models were, at the time, adventure marketing/sponsorship employees of Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd.

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