Thunderbird Stone-Rudy ReimerFirst Recorded Ascent of Mount Seymour-Charles ChapmanEarly Vancouver’s Mountaineering Leader-Tom FylesSolving the Puzzle of Mystery Mountain-Don and Phyllis MundayI’d Love to Live Those Years All Over Again-Howard RodeNow That’s Ingenuity-Fred WilliamsThe Climber’s Guide to the Coastal Ranges-Dick CulbertAdventure Implies an Element of Risk-Glenn WoodsworthThe Avalanche and the Porridge Pot-Alice PurdeyFor the Want of a Down Jacket-Martin and Esther Kafer
Photo montage
Portrait of Don Munday. Royal BC Museum, BC Archives I-61758.


Solving the Puzzle of Mystery Mountain

Don and Phyllis Munday

The Mundays’ passion for mountains shaped their lives, and set a standard few can match and none have exceeded. Don’s mountaineering career began before he went overseas in WW1. Phyl was already climbing when they met in Vancouver in 1918. Their marriage was a partnership in adventure, each winter spent planning and preparing for the coming season’s expedition. Their repeated weeks-long forays to explore and document the Mt. Waddington (aka Mystery Mountain) area have become legendary.

A video about B.C.’s most accomplished mountaineering couple, the Mundays.Video 25 MB / 5:07 min